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Update - July 11, 2016

Hello World !

Many things have occurred around the project since our involvment at "Super Demain" in Lyon, it was about time for us to come with news. The goal of this update and the reason behind the changing of the site's graphic aspect.

In the foreground today , the creation of a section devoted to articls written by the members of the team in order to share with you all what we beleive to be important and interesting.
In the manner of a devblog, you will find the information to closely follow the game's progression. Now that our theam is well balanced and that the production is on going we will be able to accord more time to our communication ( same goes for social media )

Also for the most curious ones, meet us right now at the Media section in order to discover the 1st few concept arts. In this new section new pictures will be added on a regular basis with unshared artworks just after they're done and mostly colored ones!

On that note, see you soon for another update of the site.

Your devoted webmaster !
Edit: Small changes will probably occur the next few days, don't hesitate to come and visit a bit later
Francis Faure
Project Iniator
Lead Game Designer

Nathan Saumet
Game Designer

Samuel Grosjean
Game Designer

Charles Meyer
Sound Designer
Maxime Roche
Project Iniator
Lead Artist

Hélène Cordier
Concept Artist/3D Modeler

Quentin Pichon.
3D Modeler

Miguel St. Croix
3D Modeler

Guillaume Pauron
3D Modeler
Arthur Peyrard
Lead Programmer

Pierre Boggio
Level Designer

Jean-Philippe M.

Axel Fourneyron